Made in Fountain Valley, California, Synergistic Research is home to exceptionally made cables and more. Synergistic was founded by Ted Denney in 1992 and is a well-established innovator in high-end audio and worldwide for its pioneering role in delivering state-of-the-art sonic experiences. They are driven to innovate, research and push boundaries, grounded in a belief that superior sound transforms how we experience music.

The Synergistic Research line includes audio and power cables, power conditioners, acoustic treatments and more, all engineered to facilitate an immersive audio experience. A significant part of the portfolio is their Synergistic Research Master Fuse, representing the pinnacle of the company’s innovative approach. This latest fuse has been expressly developed for full resolution, dynamics, sound staging, speed, and impact, all while eliminating the need to create musicality as a system-wide fuse loom. Both the Synergistic Research Purple and Pink fuses are each respectively known for impressive performance and durability.

SRX Cables

SRX is an all-out assault on musical performance. Everything the Synergistic Research team has learned over 30 years is applied without consideration for price point or compromise, for the sake of creating a compact cable geometry. They started with an exploded geometry first pioneered in the original Galileo System cables of 2009 to reduce cross-talk between individual hand-made Silver Air String geometries for the most refined sound possible. Then, they voiced each cable to present not only a holographic soundstage with maximum resolution – they made musicality and harmonic integrity a top priority when deciding between competing design and tuning elements within each cable. As a result, these are the most effortless and pure-sounding cables the team has ever manufactured.

Galileo Discovery

The centre of your musical universe. Galileo Discovery is the 4th generation of the original Galileo LE, which was a direct evolution of the Tesla Series of 2007. Tesla, in turn, had its design roots in the Absolute Reference and Designers’ Reference series cables dating back to the mid-1990s. As a result, Galileo Discovery is the most evolved cable loom in the company’s 30-year history, with more than 25 years of continual development. To take Galileo to its highest performance level, the team continued with highly evolved Synergistic Research technologies and applied leading-edge SRX Cable technologies, starting with Long Duration, Multi-Frequency High Voltage Conditioning. Next, they used a brand new UEF compound first developed for SRX cables and Purple Fuses to deliver an impossible level of detail and musicality in a single cable loom. And to perfectly voice Galileo Discovery to your system, the team included Carbon Fibre UEF Tuning Circuits first developed for the SRX cable loom to deliver a bespoke match to your system.

Atmosphere X

Development of Atmosphere X began when Synergistic Research was included in a Cambridge University study on the effects of music played through a Synergistic Research stereo on the human brain. In an experimental framework consisting of a structural environment where the only variable was music, researchers were able to measure changes in cognitive brain function. The results suggest music can ‘wake up’ our brains inducing activity in parts of the brain that were before asleep or dormant. When developing Atmosphere X cables, the Synergistic team pioneered new test procedures to assess how our brains react to music when played through a stereo with the only variable being different prototype cables and this led to new cable technologies like UEF Matrix Shielding that dramatically increases your pleasure while listening to music.

Foundation SX

Foundation Series cables started four years ago when their Lead Designer set out to distill 30 years of cable design into a single cable loom with performance capable of taking on giants at an approachable price. This led to the launch of the industry’s highest price-performance ratio cables, the Foundation Series. Fast forward three and a half years, and the team has developed new technologies instrumental in making the SRX cable loom the world’s highest-performance price no-object cable line.

During the SRX development program, Synergistic landed on exploded Pure Silver Air String Geometries, where parallel cable runs based on Foundation Series Air Strings ran in parallel with newly developed technologies that combine to create the SRX cable loom. They have now applied all transferable SRX technologies, namely a new Long Duration High-Voltage Conditioning process and a new UEF Compound, to Foundation SX for a massive leap in performance. The team also include Carbon UEF Tuning Discs so you can custom voice Foundation SX to your system or plug and play without custom voicing. The choice is yours, and when you choose Foundation SX, you’ve selected the highest price-to-performance ratio cables in the world, guaranteed or your money back.


The SR30 cable loom celebrates 30 years of dedication to creating synergy in audio systems. The Synergistic team took everything they learned since 1992, including brand new cutting-edge technologies first developed for the SRX and Atmosphere SX cable looms. They rolled it all into their most affordable cables so everyone could enjoy the Synergistic Research sound.

They start with OFC copper conductors and UEF Matrix shielding with Graphene for an ultra-low noise floor and natural detail and soundstaging. They add their new Carbon Tuning Discs so you can voice SR30 cables to your system; listen with the included Gold and Purple Tuning Discs and select the option that best matches your stereo. Or use them straight if bespoke tuning is not your thing, either way, the SR30 loom competes favorably against cables several times more expensive.

Power Conditioning & Linear Power Supplies

Control is power. When it comes to high-resolution audio, it starts at the wall, and after that, with each component’s power supply. For 30 years, Synergistic focused on AC Transmission, starting with the power cord that made the high-end power cord industry, the original AC Master Coupler of 1994. They also developed the world’s first patented non-current limiting power conditioners, Synergistic Research PowerCells. Next, the team engineered the world’s highest performance audio grade fuses. The net result is a power supply that dramatically expands your systems dynamics, soundstaging, and resolution as it improves smoothness and musicality.


Master Fuse is an entirely new kind of Fuse. In the past, the team developed the highest resolution fuse given the current technology while voicing their fuses to complement a maximum number of systems. As newly developed technologies came online, the team has applied them to the next generation of cutting-edge fuses. From the newest Master Fuse developed expressly for full resolution, dynamics, soundstaging, speed, and impact, to their Pink, Purple, or even legacy Orange fuses, the possibilities to fine-tune your hifi system are absolutely endless.

Synergistic Research SRX How It’s Made


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