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The HiFi Attic has two locations in the Okanagan, British Columbia: downtown Vernon and downtown Kelowna.

If you have questions about your home or business audio, video, automation, or other custom integration, please ask.


Tuesday – Saturday

10am – 5pm


1292 Ellis St Kelowna, BC
BC V1Y 1Z4

1.888.533.9517 ext 2

[email protected]


3108 30th Ave Vernon, BC
modified hours*

1.888.533.9517 ext 1

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking at audio/video/automation but am not sure what my home/business should have. Can I speak with someone?

Yes! Helping find solutions that fit your lifestyle is our speciality. Consultation rates are available and can be credited toward your purchase. Ask us.

My home/business audio/video system isn’t working. Could you have a look at it?

Absolutely. Whether it’s a system you’ve had for years that suddenly went quiet, you’ve bought a home with a system you can’t figure out, or it’s some other combination of things – we can help sort it. Our team is available starting at $135 for local service calls. To book an appointment call 1-888-533-9517 or send us an email.

I bought a stereo/home theatre/something online. Can you help me with it? I’m having trouble.

Maybe. Our priority is to provide service for our customer base who choose to support a local independent hifi retailer. Depending on the brand, we might be available for consultation by appointment. Ask us.

Would you buy my consumer electronics?

No. If it’s something that can’t be found at one of the big box stores, maybe. There are specific (and actual) hifi pieces we may consider for consignment; if so, we focus on the brands we already carry. There are reasons we select the brands we do. Some brands just aren’t our jam. If you’re not sure, ask us.

Do you sell vintage turntables, amps, etc?

Generally, no. Our focus is on new hifi items from trusted and known hifi brands. If you’re looking to buy a “vintage” something, that’s not us.

Can you replace my turntable belt/stylus/cartridge and/or set up my turntable?

Turntable belt and standard stylus/cartridge replacements or turntable set-ups/tune-ups are available at our regular service rate, for hifi equipment in working condition. More complicated stylus and cartridge replacements/turntable set-ups can be done at straight time. Email us to inquire about your turntable upgrade and/or service.

Can you fix my amplifier/turntable/speakers?

Maybe. Our repair rate is $90 per hour and diagnostic to get a repair quote is often at straight time. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours to determine cause of malfunction, particularly with electronics.

…but it’s probably simple. It costs $90 to look at it?

Yes – time, knowledge, and skill are required to test equipment and determine why something doesn’t work. Expertise has value. If it’s simple, you can likely do it yourself.

Do you take trade-ins?

Maybe. By now you should be sensing a theme. Trade-ins usually not but consignment might be considered if the equipment is in as-new condition, is a coveted piece of hifi, was sold by us originally, has all the original packaging and accessories/manuals… you get the idea.