Welcome to The Aurender Way – the most luxurious, elegant, and high-performance approach to streaming and file-based playback available. Since 2010, Aurender has been an industry leader in digital source components – taking the computer out of “computer audio.” By continually pushing the boundaries of technology in terms of a streamlined user experience and no-compromise audio performance, Aurender’s core goal is simple: to combine exceptional hardware engineering with a software suite that is specifically optimized to take maximum advantage of the hardware at hand. By applying a traditional audiophile component-based design concept to a modern digital solution, Aurender delivers an utterly transparent audio presentation unlike any other.

Many companies make great audio hardware. A few make great audio software. Aurender does both. Aurender maintains complete control and responsibility over all of the hardware and software engineering of our products. The Aurender ecosystem delivers superior performance, stability, and reliability by maintaining complete control of the hardware and software, requiring no third-party software or external hardware.

The beginning story is fairly simple. In 2011 a South Korean company called WideaLab had a man named Harry Lee at the helm, an engineer and music lover who assembled a team of like-minded engineers that at the time were working to produce a music server. Lee had bigger goals, and was looking to build something he would be proud to own.

Lee was designing Aurender’s next server (the W10) when he joined up with a former engineering classmate K.K. Lee, founder of TVLogic, and the two went into business together. Now with enhanced resources, the Aurender team started designing and building custom servers using its own boards. Aurender continues to build high-quality audio products for both audiophiles and music lovers who want to enjoy operational convenience, simplicity, and excellent sound quality. Its award-winning products are developed and manufactured in South Korea, while product design and marketing is done in California.

With a wide variety of models available across the spectrum of price, design, and features, there is an Aurender for most every music lover. Contact us to learn about which model is right for you and your system. One of the statements on their website really hits home for us: Love your music on purpose.

Streamers / Servers / DAC

  • Aurender ACS10 16TB Music Server/Streamer/CD Ripper

  • Aurender A15 Music Server/Streamer/DAC

  • Aurender A30 Music Server/Streamer/DAC

  • Aurender N20 Music Streamer/Server

  • Aurender N200 Music Streamer/Server

  • Aurender N150 Music Streamer/Server


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