Highly specialized staff, the highest quality materials, skilful workmanship, uncompromisingly accurate design and ingenious production technology. Perfect composition of precisely coordinated components results in excellent performance, audiophile authenticity, and leading edge quality. If everyone achieves their best and contributes to the overall picture, then new superlatives become possible. This is what connects and pushes Clearaudio every day.

After more than 44 years, the Clearaudio brand continues its history, operated as a family business. Our management trio of siblings share their love of music, enthusiasm for the steadily growing vinyl community, and the passion for our high-end manufacture in Erlangen, located at the centre of research and technology. Together with our fantastic team, we are responsible for what electrifies this community and makes them listen up: Music reproduction from vinyl records that, thanks to its realism, involves us like a live concert. All positions within our team are mastered through talent and experience – always committed to the company philosophy: Take the best, make it better – only then it is just good enough. For this reason, Clearaudio can consistently optimize the real-life musical experience to fulfil what our customers expect. And we feel obliged to meet those expectations.

We have respected this belief since we founded our manufacture in 1978, the year our first moving coil cartridge was developed and patented. From that point on, we have continuously improved our premium models, utilizing our in-house specialists to make an audiophile sound for everyone. Our concept series is most extraordinary and best sounding for young vinyl fans and their budgets. The options for improvement remain, for example, by choosing a higher quality cartridge or specialized power supply.

Our company Clearaudio inspires both music lovers and technology fans around the world in more than 80 countries. They are seeking live sound quality, raising the bar a little higher with every innovation. Everything literally results in ”hearing sense” – music coming alive with breathtaking designs that prove that acoustic masterpieces go hand in hand with aesthetic craftsmanship.


  • Clearaudio Silent Drive Belt AC071

  • Clearaudio Silent Drive Belt AC142

  • Clearaudio Silent Drive Belt AC077

  • Clearaudio Silent Drive Belt AC070

  • Clearaudio Quadro Record Clamp Stainless Steel (tall)

  • Clearaudio Pure Groove Record Cleaning Fluid Shellac 0.50L

  • Clearaudio Pure Groove Brush

  • Clearaudio Diamond Cleaner Brush

  • Clearaudio Level Gauge AC057


  • Clearaudio Concept Turntable


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