Music is an integral part of every family’s life, including the long-established Canton family. Since 1972, we have been working continuously to develop the best speakers for every taste and budget, to fill the home with the best sound at all times. Since then, we have designed and built an enormous range of different range of loudspeakers to suit all tastes and budgets. Many music fans and hi-fi enthusiasts share the Canton enthusiasm and love for music.

About Canton

In 1972, four hi-fi enthusiasts join forces with the aim of producing the best loudspeakers for every taste and budget; 35 employees assembled the first loudspeakers in a former village school in Weilrod near Frankfurt. Now in the 2nd generation, Canton develops loudspeakers that create real experiences and new worlds of sound for music & film lovers. From the very beginning, the sonorous company has been in family hands – with founders Günther Seitz, Achim Seitz, Oliver Hennel and Christoph Kraus, Canton will remain family-owned in the future.

With meticulous German precision and uncompromising build quality, Canton loudspeakers bring your home entertainment system to life. With designs that have been tested and proven over 48 years, Canton has become established as a true world leader in loudspeaker technology. Every pair is meticulously hand built in Europe, individually quality tested to ensure the highest standards, then backed with a generous 5 year warranty.

As one of the three largest loudspeaker companies in Europe, Canton enjoys economies of scale that smaller companies cannot match while still maintaining the pride of craftsmanship in a family-owned business. No matter what the budget, room, decor, or application, there’s a Canton model that’s just perfect for you

From the year of founding in 1972 to the present day, a lot has changed at Canton – over the years, our product range has expanded to include many technical innovations. But some things have remained the same: Canton is still a family business and all products are still created in our own development centre in Weilrod near Frankfurt am Main.

We are the Canton family. Family of Sound is intended to express what we are – a family company. Canton is neither a sub-brand in a conglomeration of brands, nor have we been bought up by a large corporation or a financial investor. We now look back on a 50-year tradition in loudspeaker manufacturing and we are currently renewing ourselves. ~ Christoph Kraus, CEO Canton

High Quality Enclosure

All our cabinets are of high quality and available in different colours. The shape of the enclosure is specially designed to match the sound characteristics of the respective loudspeaker and ensures the most neutral frequency response possible. Whether it’s the Broncos of Brahms, Canton’s innovative drive unit technology and cabinet designs deliver ultra-wide bandwidth performance with no unwanted cabinet coloration. The result is a loudspeaker with outstanding transparency that delivers crystal clear highs and deep growling bass. Canton loudspeakers sound natural and lively and are an easy step up to better sound.

Home Cinema Extensions

Our stereo systems can be easily expanded into a home cinema system. In addition to classic stereo speakers, we offer centre speakers, Dolby Atmos speakers and a range of subwoofers.

Floorstanding Speakers

  • Canton Reference 1 Floorstanding Speakers

  • Canton Reference 2 Floorstanding Speakers

  • Canton Reference 3 Floorstanding Speakers

  • Canton Reference 5 Floorstanding Speakers

  • Canton Reference 7 Floorstanding Speakers

  • Canton Reference 5K Floorstanding Speakers


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