John Gravitis

In all my years, I have never had such incredible customer service. It began with a home visit (I live just under 2 hours away) to discuss how to get surround sound in our living room. He asked what was wrong with the system we already had and we explained it was terribly glitchy and never worked well for any period of time. We had purchased that system from Hifi Attic three years prior. We settled on a wireless system with unique properties that made it ideal for the room. We also purchased a large OLED tv. The kicker was Malcolm said he would take back the old system and refund the full purchase price!! His rationale was he wants his customers to be completely satisfied. Wow!!

Installation was quick with the help of very sharp-minded Jay. Configuring the two systems took some work and a phone call to both brands; however, they left with everything working. Then the glitch appeared. Randomly, the tv would switch to TV speakers and the only way to reset it was to reset the TV. On its own, not a horrible thing, but it was a regular occurrence and quickly became frustrating. Malcolm spent many, many hours (and a couple of home visits) over the next four months speaking with the company engineers trying to resolve the bug, with both companies blaming the other. He eventually reached the lead engineer at one of the companies! In the end, after a lot of frustration, we returned the sound system and exchanged it for a wired system with ceiling mounted speakers (kudos for Jay for crawling through the attic and reinforcing their name Hifi Attic – couldn’t resist). A few weeks later, I called to ask if they had forgotten that I only paid a deposit and Malcolm pointed out that he wanted us to be completely satisfied with everything before he was going to call and ask for the balance. As frustrating as it was, we really wanted it to work, and Malcolm had no qualms about accepting the return. His comment was the same as the first day he met: “I want my customers to be completely satisfied”

Over the top customer service and always available. Highly, highly recommended!!

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