Custom Home Integration

Music that moves with you. Programmable lighting that brightens and dims through the day. Bring comfort to the next level with complete home system integration. Contact us to book your in-home consultation. With soundrooms in Kelowna and Vernon, our team provides service to the Okanagan valley from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm and all points between.

Custom consultations start at $135/hour. Should you choose to work with our team, this fee is applied to the project. Book an appointment with our team today.

Love your music. Inside and out, find new ways to set the stage for your premium home hifi system. Seamlessly tie together sound from floorstanding and bookshelf speakers with their discrete in-ceiling or in-wall partners and fill your rooms with audio style. Stack the patio or yard with landscape series hifi and start the weekend on the right note. Programmable music levels can match any mood as you move from room to room to everywhere.

Light up your life. Any side is your best when lighting is controlled by the touch of an app. Add customized programmable lighting that changes throughout the day. Wake up in your own way as the kitchen softly brightens, the smell of coffee wafting down the hall. Step through the door into a warm glow after a long flight home, your favourite song on the player, and sink into the couch. Set the scene for a lively party or quiet dinner. It’s all possible.

Feel secure. Integrate your home security system with a smart doorbell as your window to the world. Bring peace of mind to your beach vacation, knowing you can see who’s on your doorstep while you sip a frosty beverage and soak up the sun. Kick back while your systems speak to each other and can be easily controlled by one device.