Klipsch Heresy Version IV


The Klipsch Heresy IV heritage is a high-end, floor-standing loudspeaker that offers exceptional sound quality, build quality, and design. The Heresy IV is the latest iteration of the iconic Klipsch Heresy speaker line which has been in production since 1957. Available by special order. Please inquire.


The Klipsch Heresy IV is a high-end, floor-standing loudspeaker that offers exceptional sound quality, build quality, and design. Designed and manufactured by the renowned American audio company, the Heresy IV is the latest iteration of the iconic Heresy speaker line in production since 1957. One of the key features of the Heresy IV is its unique three-way design which features a 12″ woofer, horn-loaded midrange driver, and tweeter. This configuration allows the Heresy IV to deliver an incredibly detailed, natural, and dynamic sound that is ideal for music, movies, and other types of audio content.

In terms of design and construction, the Heresy IV is a work of art. The speaker is handcrafted in the USA and features a beautifully finished wood veneer cabinet that is available in a range of different finishes, including Black Ash, Natural Cherry, and Walnut. The cabinet is also acoustically optimized to reduce internal resonances and standing waves, ensuring that the sound remains clear and precise even at high volumes. Available by special order. Please inquire.

Compact Three-Way Loudspeaker

The Heresy was originally introduced in 1957 with a compact three-way design utilizing a 12” woofer and horn-loaded midrange and tweeter. In 2006, the Heresy III was upgraded with a more powerful woofer and a bi-wire network as well as midrange and tweeter compression drivers, and features a titanium diaphragm for smooth and accurate definition.


The Heresy IV incorporates an all new K-702 midrange compression driver, featuring a polyimide diaphragm for exceptional detail and dynamics. The K-702 midrange is mated to the K-704 Tractrix® horn, providing you with a wide coverage pattern and smooth response throughout the listening area. The K-107-TI titanium diaphragm high frequency driver features an all new wide dispersion phase plug, providing exceptionally even high frequency dispersion throughout the listening area, making for a wider, more accurate sweet spot.


The Heresy IV has been completely revoiced from its predecessor, utilizing premium componentry in an all new high-fidelity network — minimizing electrical degradation throughout the circuitry — for truer to life sound with best in class efficiency and power handling. The new network draws from the classic three-way steep slope design of the legendary Klipschorn, La Scala and Cornwall speakers.

TracTrix Ports

For the first time in its long legacy, the Heresy now features a rear port – improving low frequency extension by almost 10Hz, for room filling bass. Utilizing Tractrix geometry, the all new Heresy IV ports allow for the most efficient, fastest air transfer in their class, which reduces port noise for punchier low frequencies. Klipsch Tractrix ports have custom designed inner flares that help reduce air turbulence entering the port. Less turbulent air helps reduce port noise for cleaner, more powerful bass.

Bi-Amp Input Panel & Binding Posts

The Heresy’s premium, aluminum input panel accommodates large, high-quality speaker cables. Strong, versatile and quality binding posts provide the capability for bi-wiring or bi-amping. The quality continues with Audioquest Type 4 with Star-Quad Geometry internal wiring featuring carbon-loaded insulation, nitrogen-injected PE and solid long-grain copper conductors ensuring the purest signal transfer from input cup to crossover network to drivers.

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Black Ash, Cherry, Distressed White Oak, Walnut