On an AudioQuest

File this one under “Playlists To Follow”, because you’ll want to do just that. Those who know us – and know hifi – will know that we’ve been listening to Tidal as our chosen music streaming service, for some time now. It’s often the audiophile and music lover’s go-to for quality music streaming, at least here in Canada. Recently Qobuz has entered the Canadian market (more coming on that in another post) but until recently Tidal has been the default listening area for many.

There are various reasons for selecting a music streaming service: ease of use, availability of artists/tracks, compatibility, pricing & rates. One of the reasons we enjoy Tidal is their engagement with the audio industry; several hifi brands even publish playlists on their platform. Enter AudioQuest. When your business is built on ‘doing no harm’ like AudioQuest’s is, you pay close attention to demo tracks. That’s why we enjoy our AudioQuest demo days so much (thanks, Rash & Fred!). And if you haven’t been to one of these events yet, you really should.

While we await the next AudioQuest roadshow, we invite you to test out your own system on some of their favourites by going “On An AudioQuest” with them through their playlist on Tidal. Hear why, in their own words.

“At AudioQuest, we’re passionate about music and sound. Our quest for exciting new music has taken us to beautiful places all over the world. Here are some of our favourite songs. We use these for work and pleasure, in our Shared Listening Equipment Evaluations, dealer events, and public shows. You’re as likely to hear them in the AudioQuest Sound Room, in Irvine, California, as in our homes around the world. We’re happy to share them with you and we hope they become part of your own audio quest!”

Do no harm. Love your music.

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