Tri-Art Audio B Series 4 Open – Audiophilia Product of the Year

Tri-Art Audio: Proudly Canadian

For the last 10 years Tri-Art has established a reputation for high quality sound and manufacturing. The popular Open Series speakers have garnered praise from audiophiles and the industry alike. Audiophilia reviewed the Open 4 speakers and bestowed them with a star component award. The review can be found here.

“The B-series 4 Open Baffle Speakers are a wonderfully impressive portal for superb sound, for imaging and soundstaging that should come from speakers 3 times Tri-Art’s price”

The same publication chose Tri-Art B Series Open 4 loudspeakers as a product of the year for 2020. One of only 2 speakers to make the list.

Open baffle speakers offer a unique presentation that is free of box colouration, many hobbyists swear by this design. Bass can be adjusted to the listeners taste by positioning the speakers away from the rear and side walls until desirable bass output is reached. Because the sound waves are not restricted by a box they are free to propagate in the room resulting in a very “live” experience, a great option for listening to concerts and other live shows. Every audiophile should experience an open baffle speaker during their journey.

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