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The Evolution of Compact Speaker Design

After many years of carrying Totem Acoustic Speakers at The Hifi Attic, we still feel giddy when a customer asks “where is the subwoofer?” How is it possible that the slim, attractive speaker is capable of creating such a rich, room filling sound? Since the early days of Totem Acoustic, classic speakers like the Arro and Model One have been causing reactions like this all over the world. You can hear the passion and love of music in every design, each new model is a step closer to perfection.

In 2017, Totem Acoustic announced the release of the Tribe Tower speaker. The Tribe Tower represents the culmination of research and development of the Element, and Tribe series speakers. Remarkably, they require no crossover and reach full range capabilities with the use of just 2 proprietary 4″ torrent woofers. The tweeter is a 1.3” soft dome in a resonance controlling metal faceplate that extends up to 30kHz. Housing the driver compliment is a sleek sealed cabinet with no parallel lines. They are capable of truly remarkable sound while being room, and placement friendly with a small footprint.

Tribe Towers have garnered universal praise from the industry since their release. Our customers have shared absolute satisfaction with this exceptional product. Proudly hand made in Canada.

More information on the Tribe Towers here

Novo on the Tribe Tower

“There is no other way to put it – the Totem Tribe Tower is a knockout success. The musician inside you will love it for its sound, while the interior designer inside you will adore its timeless beauty…There are lots of great audio products out there, but only once in a blue moon I meet a product that is as special as the Tribe Tower – that’s why I’m pleased to present it with the NOVO Exceptional Choice award recognition. There’s simply nothing quite like the Tribe Tower. Well done Totem!”

The Next Best Thing Studio Video Review on the Tribe Tower

Experience the Tribe Tower at the Hifi Attic. Hearing is Believing

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