The British Invasion Continues!

Kudos Loudspeakers

Audiophiles rejoice! The wait is over. Kudos speakers have just landed at the Hifi Attic, fresh from the manufacturer in the UK. Kudos have been a popular choice among British audiophiles and those lucky enough around the world to own a pair. The products hit a sweet spot of performance and pure listening enjoyment that will have your head nodding to the music. The presentation is different than other speakers and the sound might be exactly what you are looking for! Now available for demo at our stores, along with other great brands.

New to Kudos?

The team at Kudos provides the best summary of their brand below.

“Daring to be different, the Kudos design approach is firmly rooted in three key principles: expertise, engineering and emotion. From the outset, we have focused on a clear goal: to explore how world-class expertise in audio design and engineering can realize not merely outstanding sound quality, but ground-breaking musical quality… the kind that inspires toe-tapping, soul-stirring, spine-tingling, heart-rending, emotion.”

Passive or Active?

The Titan and Super Cardea models are configured to allow simple bypassing of the internal crossover for active operation. Compatible products include Linn Exakt, Devialet Expert and Naim SNAXO crossovers. Going active opens up a new upgrade path and enables a variety of personalized performance enhancing capabilities.

We hope our current and future customers are as happy as we are about the brand. You can visit the Kudos website here. If we don’t have a specific product or finish in stock we can order it directly from the manufacturer for you.

Do you have any other inquiries? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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