Paradigm Founder Series – Cutting Edge Technology

Performance Backed by Applied Science

The Founder series is the first product released since the original founder, Scott Bagby reacquired Paradigm two years ago. Paradigm is serious about research & development and the most current technology is on display with the Founder line of speakers. Paradigm’s Toronto facility is home to the largest privately-owned anechoic chamber in North America. This audio testing facility is accessed by a catwalk suspended inside an inert room-within-a-room, punctuated by large-scale foam stalactites. Paradigm engineers are able to evaluate, isolate issues, and perfectly tune speakers and components. What is the end result? Since the 1990’s Paradigm has won best value awards 22 times for their products, setting a standard around the world for price-performance ratio. Paradigm continues to push the boundaries from the entry level Monitor SE series to the flagship Persona speakers.

Paradigm’s heritage of steady product improvement is carried forward with the Founder series.. They utilize new aluminum magnesium ceramic tweeters with a proprietary Oblate Spherical Waveguide. The aluminum magnesium midrange, midbass and bass drivers feature a shock mount system that mechanically decouples the driver from the baffle to eliminate vibration and reduce distortion. The cascade-fusion cabinet bracing increases rigidity to further reduce vibrations and break up standing low-frequency waves. This delivers tighter bass with greater definition and accuracy. The geometric cabinet design distributes load points across a larger cabinet area providing greater support and rigidity than can be achieved with traditional square cabinet geometry. Floorstanding models include shock mount footers which decouple the cabinet from the floor for effective decoupling.

Time spent on development, driver and cabinet technology reveals itself when you sit down and listen to the Founder series. The refinement and balance is striking, bass is clean, well integrated and tight, the soundstage is wide yet precise, every fine detail is there without sounding harsh. The entire Founder line is easy to drive (92 dB to 95 dB sensitivity) so owners have flexibility with amplifiers, making it easy to tailor the sound. For the ultimate performance the flagship active hybrid 120H floorstanding speaker utilizes 3 x 8″ bass drivers powered by a 1000 watt amplifier for jaw dropping bass. Some customers have commented that Paradigm priced this series too low for the level sound quality they provide. More information from Paradigm here.

Proudly made in Canada.

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