Fyne Audio F300 Series – Best Bang for Your Buck

High End Sound at Entry Level Prices

Although a fairly new company, Fyne Audio has a team with decades of experience building loudspeakers for Tannoy. When they set out to design their entry level speaker line the end result was a product that is “disruptive” to the market. Right from the first demo we knew this was something special. Not surprisingly, industry reviewers feel the same way. The F300 series has garnered positive reviews around the world. What Hi-Fi? awarded the F302 best speaker for the price 3 years in a row. The full review can be found here. Our greatest challenge right now is keeping them in stock for our happy customers!

Stereophile on the Fyne Audio F301

“The Fyne Audio F301 loudspeakers punch way above their price point. Their ability to cast a wide, deep soundstage with super imaging was as good as any bookshelf speaker I’ve had in house. Their serious jump factor and meaty bass frequencies were a consistent treat.”

What Hi-Fi? on the Fyne Audio F302

“Uncomplicated in design, their performance sets the F302s apart as immediate class-leaders. We listen to every song from beginning to end – an acid test passed only by the most engaging products to cross our path, and there’s no greater praise we can offer Fyne Audio than that.”

Experience the Fyne Audio at the Hifi Attic. Hearing is Believing

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