Bowers & Wilkins 700 Signature Speakers

Signature Series: A New Generation

3 years after launching the very popular 705 S2 and 702 S2, Bowers and Wilkins is now offering a premium, refined version of each speaker. Over the last few decades Signature series speakers have showcased the finest finishes and cutting edge technology. Each release is destined to be a classic and a collectors item for the hi-fi enthusiast.

What’s Changed?

Instead of Zinc, the new Signature models use the same milled solid aluminium tubes found in the 800 Diamond series. This change provides a stiffer and less resonant structure for the carbon tweeter. Both models feature specially upgraded bypass capacitors and larger heat-sinking.

The 702 Signature has three updated bass drivers. The new Aerofoil-profile cones use a composite structure skin filled with polystyrene for a light and stiff bass response. It also has an upgraded capacitor in the low frequency section of the crossover to further improve the bass quality.

It wouldn’t be a Signature speaker without a stunning finish. Bowers and Wilkins introduced a new, custom (sustainably sourced) Datuk Gloss ebony coloured veneer. No two pairs of speakers will share the exact same grain pattern. To accentuate the beautiful finish the back of each speaker bares a Signature identity plate.

What do the changes mean? Bowers and Wilkins states the upgrades improve resolution, openness and spatial quality, for a more polished, refined and involving sound.

The Signature series and other Bowers and Wilkins speakers are available at the Hifi Attic.

702 Signature Photography

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