Another Customer Blown Away by Bowers and Wilkins

800 Series: Providing Musical Bliss for Decades

Bowers and Wilkins has been developing and improving the venerable 800 series since the 1980’s. With every new version came more refinement and a product closer to John Bowers original vision. Lewis Lipnick of Stereophile put it best by saying “I found this speaker provided more musical honesty than anything I had heard before. In this respect, it established a new standard by which others would be judged”. The 800 D3 series set the new standard since their release 4 years ago. When you get the opportunity to sit down in your own room with the newest 800 series it is a truly memorable experience. The collective efforts of the team at the Steyning research resulted in the finest Bowers and Wilkins products yet.

One of our happy customers was so taken by the 804 D3’s that he sent us his own take of the Maxell “blown away” ad, now that’s a happy camper!

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