Totem Element Fire V2 Standmount Speakers


This Totem Acoustic Fire V2 is hotter than ever before. A centrepiece of the favourite family area, focal point of a dedicated listening room, or core of a serious recording studio. Fire V2 can do it all. Please contact us to purchase.


This Totem Acoustic Fire V2 is hotter than ever before. Efficiency, bass response, and power handling specifications might imply Fire V2 is a hulking tower rather than the statuesque monitor it is.  Now powered by next generation Torrent woofers, it’s meticulously refined to redefine the category.

The proprietary magnetic design of Totem’s own Torrent woofers require absolutely no crossover components and allows an unadulterated flow of musical energy. The effect is felt as much as it is heard, simultaneously stimulating a physical and even emotional interaction as one listens. Correspondingly radical tweeter design balances the Torrent spectrum with sparkling clarity, natural phase, and striking accuracy on and off axis. Some speakers can be the centrepiece of the favourite family area, others the focal point of a dedicated listening room, some the core of a serious recording studio. Fire V2 can and will do it all.

These magnificent loudspeakers are in-store purchase only, and are available by special order.

Finishes: Dusk or Ice

Design Highlights

  • Stunning geometric design with no parallel surfaces
  • Available in gleaming, luxurious, multi-coat polyester finishes
  • Substantial yet convenient proportions
  • Matching magnetic grilles
  • Custom designed & machined aluminum terminal back plates

Technical Features

  • 7-inch proprietary Torrent hand assembled drivers with revolutionary magnetic field technology
  • No active or passive crossover in the low frequency path
  • 1” titanium dome tweeter with 3/8’’ inch thick aluminum faceplate and finned aluminum alloy chamber
  • Annealed Aluminum rear terminal plates and Bi-Wireable Platinum WBT 4 way connectors
  • Industry unique Borosilicate dampening


Frequency Response:

30 Hz – 22 kHz

Recommended Power:

50 W – 250 W


7 Torrent


1 Titanium dome with 3/8 aluminum faceplate


Easy 8 ohm


88 dB

Dimensions (w x h x d):

8.81 x 16.6 x 11.7 /  22.38 x 42.164 x 29.718

Placement from rear wall:

As little as 6, but varies based on electronics and room acoustics

Placement distance apart:

As little as 2, but varies based on electronics and room acoustics

Break-in Time:

200-300 hours

Crossover Frequency:

First order crossover on tweeter only

Speaker Terminals:

Bi-wireable, Platinum WBT connectors with Annealed aluminum plate


32.4lb / 14.74kg

Torrent Drivers Totem’s Exclusive Design

Torrent hand-assembled drivers feature machined precision craftsmanship and revolutionary magnetic technology.  The proprietary magnetic design keeps the voice coil continuously immersed within the magnetic field for absolute and instant control of its every reaction.  These woofers possess such wide and flat response that they remarkably require absolutely no active or passive crossover components.  This radical technology offers an unadulterated flow of information and energy for substantial advantages in clarity, phase correctness, and striking accuracy both on and off axis.

Artisanal Cabinet Construction Geometric Cabinet Design

Element enclosures are not built with the mass production method of the competition but with the artisanal attention of a master furniture craftsman.  They taper towards the top and to the back, leaving no two sides parallel, thereby avoiding standing waves, minimizing cabinet resonances, and enrich clarity in the vital midrange band.

Connectors Platinum WBT Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp Connectors and Annealed Aluminum Plate

The ultimate WBT connectors with the highest conductivity are fitted onto an annealed aluminum plate that eliminates any potential resonance.  These are the absolute best connectors which will prevent any signal loss and help get the most out of the entire system.

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