Tara Labs Spectrum 1A RCA 3M Interconnects


NEW Original Stock: Tara Labs Spectrum 1A RCA 3M interconnects, new in original box. These cables are described as accurate and neutral with a smooth, open sound.

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We’re clearing out some of our older new stock found in the Attic. Some things are one-offs, a few items are leftovers from custom projects or special orders, and there are more than a few ‘why do we still have these’ mysteries to be discovered. Hard to find, discontinued, rare items…

New original stock: Tara Labs Spectrum 1A RCA 3M interconnects new in original box. These cables have been discontinued by the manufacturer. ONE pair is available. Free shipping within Canada. Available by arrangement to the US or elsewhere, please contact us.

Positioning of these cables in this line was upper-midrange: Prism 100a, Prism 200a, Prism 300a, SPECTRUM 1A, Spectrum 2A, Spectrum 3A.

From the manufacturer (comparison chart in photos):

  • Metal RCA pressure fit terminations
  • Solid Core copper conductors
  • Un-shielded
  • SVPE(TM) used for primary dielectric around conductors, and for outer jacket material
  • Common mode rejection shielding principle
  • Accurate and neutral
  • Smooth, open sound