Canton Reference 7 Floorstanding Speakers


Pure aesthetics, breathtaking performance – as the slimmest floorstanding speakers in the Canton Reference series, the Reference 7 blends harmoniously into any room. Despite their compact size, the speakers impress with deep bass response and high dynamics. Please inquire.



Pure aesthetics, breathtaking performance – as the slimmest floorstanding speakers in the Reference series, the Reference 7s blend harmoniously into any room. Despite their compact size, the speakers impress with deep bass response and high dynamics. This is made possible by the precisely tuned cabinet with bass guide that uses the two woofers with black ceramic tungsten cones. The Reference 7 uses our highest quality BC and BCT drivers on the round baffle. They are elegantly covered by intricately crafted, screwless adapter rings. As in all Reference models, they are designed as asymmetrical wave guides to perfect the sound dispersion of the speakers. All models in the Reference family are manufactured in Germany with the highest quality and precision. The slim 3-way Reference 7 floorstanding speaker impresses with its perfectly formed design and offers long-lasting pleasure in music reproduction thanks to high-quality materials, first-class components and the latest Canton technologies.

Convincing technology

The Reference 7 are elegant 3-way speakers equipped with first-class speaker drivers. Two impulse-joyful 154 mm BCT woofers with black ceramic tungsten cones deliver precise bass. This is achieved in combination with the efficient bass guide system and a perfectly tuned cabinet volume. The BCT midrange driver, also 154 millimeters, provides finely resolved, impulsive mids that contribute to the Reference 7’s natural and authentic sound. The 25 mm BC tweeter with black aluminum oxide ceramic cone completes the sound spectrum and delivers detailed and homogeneous highs. In the crossover, hand-picked components with minimal tolerance specifications ensure a balanced impedance curve and perfect impulse response of the speaker drivers. The careful tuning of the crossover enables a perfect interaction of the drivers and thus achieves optimal sound quality.

WBT nextgen™ terminals

The Reference 7 are not only outstanding floorstanding speakers in terms of sound quality and design, but also offer innovative connection options, with the option of bi-wiring or bi-amping. With the high-quality WBT nextgen™ binding posts, the Reference 7 ensure optimal signal transmission to the connected audio devices. Thanks to the included hard gold-plated copper bridges, you can exploit the full potential of the speakers should the bi-wiring or bi-amping mode not be used. The speaker is equipped with controls for RC (Room Compensation) technology located on the speaker terminal. This level adjustment allows you to precisely adjust the sound pressure levels of the midrange and tweeter in sensitive 1.5 decibel increments. In this way, you can perfectly adapt the Reference 7 to your personal listening habits and the room acoustics.

Impressive design

The Reference 7 is equipped with an elaborate, computer-optimized internal stiffening, which was developed to achieve optimum stability and rigidity in the speaker cabinet. Precisely defined damping made of special fleece and the avoidance of parallel cabinet surfaces make it possible to prevent standing waves inside the cabinets. The speakers are available in three elegant finishes to suit any interior style: White Satin, Black Piano and Walnut. The white variant gives the speakers a modern and timeless appearance. Its satin finish adds a sophisticated touch to the Reference 7, allowing it to stand out stylishly in any room. The black piano finish of the Reference 7 impresses with its glossy, mirrored surface, which achieves a special depth effect through twelve layers of lacquer. For lovers of modern wood surfaces, the walnut version is available. The high-quality walnut veneer is refined with a special sanding technique and matte lacquer treatment and thus impresses with its fine-pored surface The warm wood finish gives the Reference 7 a natural and appealing aesthetic.

Acoustic principle:
3-way Bass reflex system

Principle passive resonator:
Bass reflex

Radiation direction resonator:

Tweeter quantity:

Tweeter size:
25 mm

Tweeter material:
Aluminum ceramic oxyd

Midrange driver quantity:

Midrange driver size:
154 mm

Midrange driver material:
Black ceramic tungsten (Wave surround)

Woofer quantity:

woofer size:
154 mm

woofer material:
Black ceramic tungsten

Nominal load capacity:
160 watts

Music load capacity:
320 watts

Transmission range:
23…40.000 Hz

Crossover frequencies:
190 / 3.200 Hz

4…8 ohm

Level adjustment :

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Black Piano, Walnut, White Satin