AudioQuest FireBird Interconnect


With the Mythical Creatures series of interconnects, AudioQuest has pushed significantly beyond even its own very high standards. These might be the best cables the world has ever heard. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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AudioQuest FireBird sits in the middle of the Mythical Creatures family, but there’s no sibling rivalry here. This cable is a beautiful destination in its own right and draws remarkably close to the otherworldly performance of our Dragon flagship but at a much lower cost.

Like ThunderBird, FireBird features ZERO-Tech, FEP Air-Tube insulation, and Level-6 Noise-Dissipation, but ups the ante with our finest conductor metal — Perfect Surface Silver (PSS) — and drop-dead gorgeous Silver-Plated RF-Draining Barrels. All Mythical Creature interconnects are available with custom-made RCA and XLR terminations.

Starting at $5,400 for 0.5M/20″ ($6,550 for XLR) and ranging to $23,000 for 6M/20′ ($31,300 for XLR).

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Read the white paper here.